Dental Health Options


So, this topic comes up often and I thought it would be a great blog post so here it goes.

Genetically, pugs have pretty bad teeth. Our puppy Gonzo (black one on the the left) has really bad teeth and has some NASTY Pica (eating things he shouldn't ) habits.  He has had a few dentals and lost many teeth. He doesnt LOVE to have his teeth brushed and runs from a toothbrush. This little guy is really smart when it comes to avoiding something he doesnt love.

I'm so thankful for vets that use Young Living's Mouthwash for my dogs dentals, it gives me peace of mind. So, after the last dental we had some of the mix left over. (I mix 50/50 mouthwash and water). I tried to figure out a way to use it. It would roll off a toothbrush and be useless.

GAUZE.....and a squirt bottle came to off I went to find supplies

So I squirt some on and rub their gums and teeth....they seem very receptive to this approach and the easier it is, the more I can get them to allow me in their mouths. You can see the crud that comes off. It's so rewarding.  
Trigger is so good for it all....the rubbing will really help his gums too. He likes to chew on things and sometimes, ruffs up his gums some.

Gonzo is a little more stubborn and I really have to get in there to remove the hair stuck between his guns and teeth or just between his gum folds. PUGS...who knew.
As you can see we have work to do...and the back teeth are in more need. I feel I have the tools to make this a very successful addition to our toolbox and to keep his dental health on track.

Hope this helps you take better care of your dogs teeth (yes ok for cats too, but its not so easy to do this to cats and thus I really can't say I have much experience). My cats have used the same solution for their dentals (done by their vet). I have found the company that has all the right products for our Pet Home.  We love the simplicity and versatility.

We trust the power of Young Living and do not recommend this with any other company's products. To learn more you can find lots of videos on our facebook page or Youtube channel. Click below

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