Raindrop for Trigger

How we do Raindrop in our home.
If it's not simple, we probably won't do it. Let's be honest!
"The Raindrop Technique® is a unique blending of ancient traditions, intuitive wisdom, and pure essential oils that has helped thousands along their journey."  I was introduced to this practice many years ago and it was a very involved  step by step way to apply select YL essential oils. OH, before I continue, I must mention this is only to be done with Young Living Essential oils....I have no idea what will happen with any other brand. Please go to the people who represent your brand for that info.

Let me tell you, that first time was a bit intimidating and I knew that if I was going to use all these oils I had to simplify it (for me, my world, my life, my animals). Someone told me "to be honest, it's most important to get the oils ON".  The Raindrop purists say the technique is also VERY important (and I agree) but I know my life and if I HAD to do it the formally trained way, it would never get done....so I designed my own way (for us).

Let's cut to the chase and keep this going forward. Our youngest dog Trigger had an accident Early March 2020. ( Just before the world went to hell in a handbasket). He ran after a rabbit and must have moved wrong and within 24hrs he was unable to walk right (at least thats how I remember it..maybe it was a few more hrs).  He went to the acupuncturist for a treatment very soon after. Trigger went downhill faster than an Olympic bobsledder. Soon he was bedridden and we had to express his bladder for him. He didnt even know when he pooped.  Trigger had just turned 5 when this all happened. X-rays showed it was Degenerative Disk Disease (he came from bad breeding aka puppy mill dog). I recently found out that he probably ruptured a disk in this accident.... Im so glad I didn't know that in March.

We had to dive into our tools and get as many modalities on him as we could. Crystals, Oils, Healing Touch for Animals, reiki, Chinese herbs, special harness/wheelchairs, Assisi Loop, Equitonic 9 was purchased, Tensor Field Rings and lots of healers from across the USA. We even had an energy consultation with a friend in Tx and completely changed his food and some other things with him. As the world went crazy we could not bring him to the vet for his appts (he is super nervous and the acupuncture would not help unless we were with him...he is a very sensitive  pup).

We relied on our YL Essential Oils to get us thru the restore and recovery process. LOTS OF OILS for us and him.  He spent most of his time on the couch being served his food and beverages. He was embarrassed and depressed. He was not the same dog....he had no use of his back legs...NONE!!!! Thankful I worked from home and could be there for him during all this.

So, what did we do with our oils to make the Raindrop easy and fast for him? Let's take that journey with some pictures. When we started this journey Trigger had these sessions EVERYDAY...........

First we start with Valor for courage and grounding. We wanted him to connect to earth energy. Valor was also great for his ego and self worth at the time. It smells amazing and energizes the body in a special way. I put a few drops in my hands and rub them together. Then rub UP his spine and massage into his little body. I also hold my hands over his rump and between shoulder blades to help his body connect back together (energetically). Sometimes he loves to smell the oils, other times he doesn't so I would let him smell if he wanted to. He helped with the process. Every day with started with valor and often times we used many drops during the day. It really aligns with the spine.
I found this selenite point that I could use for application to help deliver the oils to certain meridians. It took me a while to find this but I'm happy I finally did. I dip the point into the oil and apply to the body. You can do many things with this tool and crystal.

Next up Oregano : which is high in phenols that have been known to cleanse receptor sites when used topically on the body. I apply this the same way...2 drops in my hands, rub them together and pet from the rear to the base of the head. Then massage over the body and asked Trigger if he wanted to smell it...... In the beginning we would apply some Ortho Ease Massage oils with the Oregano so it would absorb slower into the body. Feel free to do this. We choose NOT to drip oils on him bc it seemed to bother him and after massaging them vs dripping, we liked his reactions better. So we continue this method of application and use on other dogs when first diving into oils (its just more comforting at first).
Thyme is up next. We label each bottle top with a number so we can easily (and quickly) go thru the bottles for application.  Thyme contains large amounts of thymol, which is used to energize mind and bring clarity of direction.  We are still looking to charge that body and reconnect his brain to all the parts that have slowed in movement. Yes he can now walk (with his own swagger), but he is not fully in control of his actions.While massaging in the oils I will often go over his knees and muscles on his inner legs. They seem to get tight and that can't be very comfortable. All my hand placements are guided by intuition and how I saw him move that day. This has been a journey for sure. When he was NOT moving on his own we did ALOT of massages to help his body reconnect to itself. The videos wont upload (sorry).
Basil is next. I was using this bottle of Vitality bc the topical bottle was empty. Did you know the vitality line is our ingestable oils but it's the exact same oil as the topical/diffusion oils....same oils diff applications (cool huh)? Basil can smooth muscles especially ones that are tired, fatigued or just not working optimally.  So rub in and work those muscles that need some TLC and offer a sniff to help the brain become alive and connect the parts that may need some assistance.
Cypress comes next and I had to take a picture of his little rear end. We focus alot of attention to the lower spine, around the tail and down the legs. Circulation can often be a problem for us and animals with mobility issues. Finding ways to help stimulate the blood, muscles, nerves and tendons to all function properly together is a priority.  As we massage the oils and focus on areas that need more attention than others, I often reapply oils to my hands and massage these areas more intently. Often times saying things like..."My body is connected and rejuvenated so I can walk properly with no assistance." Again I alway let him smell the oil and when he turns his nose away, I remove my hands from his sniffer areas. I don't force it to his face but ask if he wants a sniff...and see what happens.  
One thing I teach is NEVER apply Essential Oils to a dogs pads of his feet....its super sensitive and often causes them to be "hot". In triggers case he did not have feeling in the feet at all. Over a month after his accident and repetitive work with oils (even on his feet) we saw a foot move..kick...flinch. We knew we were getting those nerves to react. We made the decision to apply oils to his feet to try and get the most benefit. ( We started with Copaiba a very very gentle but tough essential oil) He now Kicks and flinches sooo good and we often catch him flipping a foot that may be flipped upside down when standing or swaggering along.Wintergreen is a very warm and tingly oil so we choose to apply it with Ortho Sport, I mix in my hand and massage in. Wintegren is beneficial in massage for soothing muscle tension after exercise (or over use). It is 85-99% of methyl salicylate. This oil is often advised against for animals, but i'm here to tell you ive used TONS on this 17lb dog with no issues. Do your own homework on this, the quality of YL makes this oil amazing in the raindrop technique.

Marjoram often relaxes tense muscles after exercise, and is supportive of the nervous tension. Even when he was not active, his muscles were trying to recover. These days he is very active and often just "powers up" to make up for the slower movement of his back half. Emotionally, it is the plant of love and longevity and this injury has majorly impacted his mental game so we support that as much as we can. When an essential oil works on the physical and emotional, im super happy to use it over and over.  Again I massage and offer a sniff...Peppermint is the last oil in the technique.  It has been known to energize the body/brain and promote mental clarity. This too is a warmer oil and I only use one drop plus some OrthoSport combined in my palm. I then massage it in. The massage oil helps it all absorb in slowly and helps it not smell so strong. I don't usually offer him to smell this one bc he almost always is asleep. He started to dozzzze off early in todays applications. He has been very active but very "off" the last 2-3 days. This "off" often happens and then we see some great strides in this healing journey. Thats why I did his oils today, to help his body move forward.

To watch an application of oils check out my video on Facebook. This is a demo with Gonzo. Click Here.
Today we added some CBD to his spine and down his legs and massaged in. He may have licked a few drops off...here and there...its ok..he licks/eats worse things. When you use CBD products, your body’s endocannabinoid system is affected.  What is this smart spectrum CBD line that YL has? click here.  This is not a pet line but a human line that we choose to use around Trigger. Again do your own homework to see if it aligns with your journey.

As we roll thru this application he gets more and more relaxed. I worked on some areas that I saw his chiropractor work on last week. I saw lots of muscle twitches and lots of leg kicking. Trigger didn't want to smell a lot of oils today (other days he def wants to smell them) but I don't worry about it. Just get those oils on.  

Feel free to research RainDrop Technique on animals and even people. The technique is fascinating but I don't have 45mintues to oil him up.. Trigger appreciates the fast application too...so he can enjoy his snoozing.

I hope this finds a place in your education for essential oils. Remember, quality is #1 reason why we can use these products with our animals (and us).  We learn as we grow. Please remember to reach out to anyone who needs a boost, these oils can change their life. Who knew we would get the amount of response that we did from mid march to end of May without any vet care bc of our world situation.

I also welcome rescues and shelters to reach out, there are so many options to help the animals in your care. I am here to help. Lets connect. Getting started is simple and easy- 

Get started with Young Living...click here and then click order now.
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Triggers Big smile- He knows his journey is helping others

Essential Oils in a Pet Home.....video class

Grab some oils, a cup of tea and hit play......

Essential oils in a pet home...just for you

Click to watch the full class of info:  https://youtu.be/pSpExFjXPCw

Great Products for our Pets

Lets Talk Essential Oils in a Pet Home


Ever have that sinking feeling in your gut that something just isn't right when it comes to your pets?
I know I did often and I never knew what to do about it.
I also followed my vets advice and did what I was told to do, bc I believed I was being told to do what was best for my pets.
I honestly had no reason to doubt what I was being told, I had no reason to look deeper.
TILL ONE DAY.........I DID SOME RESEARCH and what I found was not GOOD!

Honestly, my journey started when I started to look into fabric softener and its effects on our family of fur babies. Go ahead you can google the health effects and come back when you are done.........promise, my journey lead me down a road that I gladly share and wait for anyone to walk by  my side!

So many products in our home are loaded with toxins and some products are easier to get rid of than others. So lets talk about some super easy products to get rid of that wont take much effort and you wont miss the toxins....promise!

Years ago, I started on the path of discovery to  healthy options for my pets. 
It never sat well with me to put a neurotoxin on my dog to keep "pests" away.  
Read this recent article (and there are hundreds more all over google.)
A few years ago my pug had a real bad experience with the TOP BRAND OF TOP SPOT treatment (of the time) and he did not make it. A seizure took his life from me. He had a lovely morning of routine acupuncture and later that night he passed. He was NOT sick at his am appt (his vet was amazing and so caring with us ). He was GONE by 7pm. I know this was a direct result of treatment a few weeks earlier (in fear of a flea).
Let's not dwell on this...bc I have released all bad emotions attached to Pugsley's passing.

I vowed to never EVER use a neurotoxin in fear again..EVER NEVER. WHY would i knowingly poison my baby?

Thankful we found an option with a company that I will never have to revisit this choice with my current pugs. 
We now use Young Livings Insect Repellent. This stuff is AMAZING for us and the dogs. WIN WIN.

LETS change the topic and talk about CANDLES, Plug Ins, and Air Refreshers....OH MY!
The safest option for our pets is YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS IN A diffuser!!!!!
We have been diffusing around our pets for 8 years.....NO ISSUES!
When we aligned with Young Living we aligned with QUALITY and PURITY! We ditched ALL candles, plug ins...anything scented...GONE. All replaced with YLEO and diffusers (we have one in every room) They are even safe around our 3 cats.
People often question my belief in Essential Oils and never question their own use of synthetic scents that are created with hundred of unknown synthetic chemicals.  Sometimes its just a matter of not thinking about it in that way ever before. When we know better we can do better, I say.

Lets talk about a few oils that are AWESOME in our diffuser

To DeOderize a 7 pet home we use:
Citrus Fresh

To create Harmony with 3 dogs and 3 cats
Harmony (obvious on right!)

For Sleep:
Release (release the days stress)

To Settledown:

Great for spinal Massages:
Tree oils for sure

Amazing Air Quality:
Citrus Fresh


Digize Vitality 

These are just a few of the oils that Young Living makes that can be found in Abundance in our home. We use them freely around our pets and never once question this. The best part is that we share these products with our pets..WIN WIN.

they ship to my house
usually at my door in 4 days or so
SUPER reduced shipping
Wholesale prices for LIFE
Reward points to buy whatever I want (basically for FREE)
A community of oilers by your side to walk with you
I tell people about these products and get a referral each time i help a family DO BETTER (but its never required to tell people, but sure is nice to see others with these success stories too)

I hope this helps you think about the products used in your home. I never knew I had such options till 8 years ago. 
I wish I didn't learn the hard way. I never want someone to learn this way..EVER

Please reach out and let me know if you would like to learn more.
If  you are ready to join me on this journey...AWESOME..click here and just fill out the membership and your kit, it will be at your home in just a few days.....11 oils and a diffuser of choice..win win! The Desert Mist is my Favorite diffuser in the starter kit and has survived 3 (that i know of) tumbles off the table to the floor (thanks PUPS)! 
Lets connect on Facebook.......
Heather Henderson
YL Platinum and pet lover

Guinea Pig Grooming

Guinea Pig Grooming
Meet Neroli, she is named after my favorite Essential Oil and look at her..she is so cute.  So i was a bad mom and let her cage get too dirty and as a result, she really needed a good clean up. Every princess deserves to be pampered.  She is a little critter and i need to make sure the products used on her are safe and effective.

So thankful for YL and the line of Animal Scents  Products. Our Shampoo is gentle and effective

Watch my facebook live ....Neroli got a bath and was a perfect piggy for her superstar roll.

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