Ever have that sinking feeling in your gut that something just isn't right when it comes to your pets?
I know I did often and I never knew what to do about it.
I also followed my vets advice and did what I was told to do, bc I believed I was being told to do what was best for my pets.
I honestly had no reason to doubt what I was being told, I had no reason to look deeper.
TILL ONE DAY.........I DID SOME RESEARCH and what I found was not GOOD!

Honestly, my journey started when I started to look into fabric softener and its effects on our family of fur babies. Go ahead you can google the health effects and come back when you are done.........promise, my journey lead me down a road that I gladly share and wait for anyone to walk by  my side!

So many products in our home are loaded with toxins and some products are easier to get rid of than others. So lets talk about some super easy products to get rid of that wont take much effort and you wont miss the toxins....promise!

Years ago, I started on the path of discovery to  healthy options for my pets. 
It never sat well with me to put a neurotoxin on my dog to keep "pests" away.  
Read this recent article (and there are hundreds more all over google.)
A few years ago my pug had a real bad experience with the TOP BRAND OF TOP SPOT treatment (of the time) and he did not make it. A seizure took his life from me. He had a lovely morning of routine acupuncture and later that night he passed. He was NOT sick at his am appt (his vet was amazing and so caring with us ). He was GONE by 7pm. I know this was a direct result of treatment a few weeks earlier (in fear of a flea).
Let's not dwell on this...bc I have released all bad emotions attached to Pugsley's passing.

I vowed to never EVER use a neurotoxin in fear again..EVER NEVER. WHY would i knowingly poison my baby?

Thankful we found an option with a company that I will never have to revisit this choice with my current pugs. 
We now use Young Livings Insect Repellent. This stuff is AMAZING for us and the dogs. WIN WIN.

LETS change the topic and talk about CANDLES, Plug Ins, and Air Refreshers....OH MY!
The safest option for our pets is YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS IN A diffuser!!!!!
We have been diffusing around our pets for 8 years.....NO ISSUES!
When we aligned with Young Living we aligned with QUALITY and PURITY! We ditched ALL candles, plug ins...anything scented...GONE. All replaced with YLEO and diffusers (we have one in every room) They are even safe around our 3 cats.
People often question my belief in Essential Oils and never question their own use of synthetic scents that are created with hundred of unknown synthetic chemicals.  Sometimes its just a matter of not thinking about it in that way ever before. When we know better we can do better, I say.

Lets talk about a few oils that are AWESOME in our diffuser

To DeOderize a 7 pet home we use:
Citrus Fresh

To create Harmony with 3 dogs and 3 cats
Harmony (obvious on right!)

For Sleep:
Release (release the days stress)

To Settledown:

Great for spinal Massages:
Tree oils for sure

Amazing Air Quality:
Citrus Fresh


Digize Vitality 

These are just a few of the oils that Young Living makes that can be found in Abundance in our home. We use them freely around our pets and never once question this. The best part is that we share these products with our pets..WIN WIN.

they ship to my house
usually at my door in 4 days or so
SUPER reduced shipping
Wholesale prices for LIFE
Reward points to buy whatever I want (basically for FREE)
A community of oilers by your side to walk with you
I tell people about these products and get a referral each time i help a family DO BETTER (but its never required to tell people, but sure is nice to see others with these success stories too)

I hope this helps you think about the products used in your home. I never knew I had such options till 8 years ago. 
I wish I didn't learn the hard way. I never want someone to learn this way..EVER

Please reach out and let me know if you would like to learn more.
If  you are ready to join me on this journey...AWESOME..click here and just fill out the membership and your kit, it will be at your home in just a few days.....11 oils and a diffuser of choice..win win! The Desert Mist is my Favorite diffuser in the starter kit and has survived 3 (that i know of) tumbles off the table to the floor (thanks PUPS)! 
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Heather Henderson
YL Platinum and pet lover


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